Sanity G6

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - SANITY G6

Sanity G6’s UNIQUE patented solutions:

  • Vacuum pump integrated with canister
  • There is NO communication of air, moisture, or infectious materials between the canister and the internal workings, eliminating odor-causing bioburden
  • There is NO contact of infectious materials and caregivers or patient
  • Patented GelTex dressing kits help insure a better wound seal
  • Pump Drive
  • 300 and 600 ml Canisters

New Sanity G6 Features

  • FDA listed, PDAC approved
  • Patented vacuum pump integrated with canister to improve infection control and reduce room odors
  • Patented venting system keeps tubing clear and bioburden out of wound
  • Lightweight, 1.8lbs
  • 30 hour battery
  • Quiet and easy to use

The only NPWT system that fully isolates wound fluids. Eliminates the possibility of infectious fluids contaminating pump.

  • Best in class portability.
  • Silent. Did I turn it on?
  • Reduced risk to patients and caregivers.