Infyna Chic

Meet Discreet!
The Infyna Chic™ Intermittent Catheter

Introducing a discreet catheter with a design that is truly inspired

The Art of Discretion

The Infyna Chic™ intermittent catheter by Hollister offers a unique combination of color, design, and small size to help blend in with a woman's life. It was designed with input from clinicians to help provide a high level of discretion, and is both beautiful and easy to use.

  • Flip-top cap on catheter case can be opened and closed with one hand
  • Pre-hydrated and ready to use right out of the case
  • Just the right stiffness helps support easy, touch-free insertion
  • Easy to grip and remove from the case
  • Doesn't leak when reclosed, dispose when convenient
  • Catheter length helps give confidence that the bladder can be fully drained
Infyna Chic view side view

Product Features

Easy to Use

  • Catheter case can be opened and closed with one hand
  • Does not leak liquid when reclosed
  • Catheter funnel is easy to grip
  • Catheter is easy to remove from the case

Ready to Use

  • Ready to use hydrophilic catheter
  • Does not stain on common fabrics if the contents are spilled*

*on cotton, denim and polyester

Supports Touch-Free Insertion

  • Just the right catheter stiffness helps facilitate touch-free insertion
  • Catheter length helps give confi- dence that the bladder can be fully drained

Beautifully Designed

  • Unique combination of color, design, and a small size
  • Attractive packaging with funnels in soft pastel colors

Documents Required From Your Physician to Bill Insurance

Health insurance requires the following medical documents to consider coverage:

  1. Standard Written Order (SWO)
  2. Medical records that provide the detailed need for the product

Handi Medical Supply will work with your clinic to obtain the necessary documentation.

If you would like more information or if you’d like us to request the information from your clinic, please contact us at 651-644-9770