DDS 500

The function of the DDS 500 back brace is scientific, precise and very simple.

Spinal decompression is created as the DDS 500 inflates with air. Our patented VAP Technology decreases axial loading while increasing intervertebral disc space by anchoring underneath the rib cage pushing upwards and against the pelvic girdle pushing downwards. This action gently stretches the torso vertically and displaces stress away from the affected disc and nerve. Pressure and pain levels, within the lumbar spine region, is significantly reduced which can assist active-rehabilitation.

  • Accepted by Medicare and most private insurances
  • Drug free back pain relief
  • Easily provide on the spot treatment
  • Prevent pain by wearing prior to strenuous activity

The DDS 500 Decompression Back Brace’s unique and patented spinal air traction design is thin, lightweight and easy to use; it offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating and preventing back pain. It can be discreetly worn under clothing allowing you to perform daily activities such as driving, walking and standing for long periods of time, and enabling those with an active lifestyle to work, enjoy sports and other leisure activities pain-free. Disc Disease Solutions will speed up your recovery and help you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.

The DDS 500 is the perfect solution for patients who cannot tolerate the discomfort of a rigid body jacket yet require similar support. It is especially valuable for pre and post surgery, providing with equal stability as a stiff body jacket. As the patient progresses and requires less support, the detachable rigid panels can be removed to create a semi-rigid support with one or no support panels. It easily converts to a soft LSO and provides greater flexibility.

Typical Indications

  • Herniated / Bulging discs
  • Lumbar acute / chronic sprain
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Compression fracture in the lumbar region
  • Failed surgery syndrome
  • Low back pain due to physical and/or physiological conditions
  • Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and/or long hours driving
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Congenital weakness in waist

Features & Benefits

  • Relaxes muscle spasms, muscle cramps and helps relieve strain and pain
  • Decreases axial loading
  • Increases disc height
  • Advanced tubeless air cell design for narrow fit
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing
  • Assists individuals with strenuous jobs
  • Helps maintain proper posture (Improper posture places the upper body weight on the discs that causes back pain)
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Made of 100% highly durable soft cotton lining
  • Machine washable
  • Simple to use

Sizing Chart

  • SizeMeasurement
  • S26~28 inches
  • M29~32 inches
  • L33~35 inches
  • XL36~38 inches
  • 2X39~41 inches
  • SizeMeasurement
  • 3X42~44 inches
  • 4X45~48 inches
  • 5X49~51 inches
  • 6X52~55 inches
  • 7X56~59 inches

* Measurement around the navel
* Extension piece available for larger sizes

DDS 500

Videos & Education

What patients are saying

"I love the brace. It provides support for my back. I would be willing to test any technology or equipment your company has. Thanks!"

Jason Alexander

What medical professionals are saying

"I have been a practicing chiropractor for 18 years. Patients are loving the lumbar decompression belts. We just started selling them and have sold 2 dozen already. All of the feedback has been positive and they are really helping people. Many patients will wear them under garments and you don't even see that they are using them. It is a great product and my patients have benefited from them."

Dr. Sheppard, D.C.


How should the DDS Decompression Back Brace be positioned on my body?

The DDS Decompression Back Brace should be positioned so that the Disc Disease SOLUTIONS patch is centered and lined up with your navel. The bottom portion of the DDS Decompression Back Brace should rest above the upper part of the hip bones and the upper edge of the DDS Decompression Back Brace should rest below the lowest part of the ribs. As the DDS Decompression Back Brace is inflated, the lower edge expands downward to anchor itself against the upper part of the hip bones and the upper edge expands upwards to anchor itself against the lower portion of the ribs. Once this anchoring occurs, further expansion of the DDS Decompression Back Brace results in positive traction to the lumbar spine.

My DDS Decompression Back Brace won’t stay inflated. What do I do?

First, close the valve on the DDS Decompression Back Brace all the way by rotating it clockwise. With the valve in the closed position, attach the air pump and inflate to the desired pressure. Disconnect the air pump. If the DDS Decompression Back Brace is still not holding air then contact Disc Disease Solutions, Inc. regarding warranty information.

What if I lose or gain weight?

If you gain several pounds, DDS offers an extension piece that can add up to 8 inches to the length of the belt. If you lose several pounds you may need to buy a smaller DDS Decompression Back Brace in order for it to fit properly.

I’ve been wearing my DDS Decompression Back Brace for awhile now and its working great, however, it is getting dirty. Can I wash it?

Yes. The DDS Decompression Back Brace can be washed in the washing machine by placing the DDS Decompression Back Brace into the mesh bag that is provided and washed on the “gentle” cycle with a mild detergent and warm water. Make sure that the air valve is tightly closed before placing the DDS Decompression Back Brace in the washing machine. Water must not enter the belt. After completing the wash cycle, the DDS Decompression Back Brace should be air-dried in the shade (keep away from direct sunlight).

What is the difference between the DDS 500 and some of the other products made by other companies that look similar?

There are MANY differences between the DDS 500 and other products that appear to be similar. However, these similarities are only on the surface and when carefully examined one will clearly see the difference in quality, function and even customer service. Here are the differences:

Our DDS 500 Lumbar Traction Brace has 4 US approved utility and design patents and we are the original inventors. Other products that appear to be similar to ours are most likely fake copies made of inferior materials.

Disc Disease Solution Braces are made with a 100% cotton lining with very durable materials. We stand by the quality of our products and provide a full 1-year warranty from the day the patient receives the brace. Other companies use questionable material and some only provide a 30-day warranty.

DDS Traction Braces are ergonomically shaped to the curvature of the lumbar spine allowing for a higher degree of decompression. The efficacy of our Research and Design is proven in clinical studies. Please take a look at our section dedicated to studies and testimonials from medical professionals. We urge you to compare them with other brands.

Our portable Hand Air Pump is lightweight and can be stored in a small bag or purse providing easy transport. Our pumps also have a gauge so one can see exactly how much pressure there is in the brace at all times. Other pumps do not have a gauge and are much bulkier. Some are even applied by using your foot.

Our products are machine washable. We promote a very healthy and active lifestyle. At the very least, we want you to live your normal life and perspiration is inevitable. Every brace comes with a laundry bag for you to put your brace in to machine wash. Other companies will explicitly tell you to never put their belt in water which may lead to unsanitary conditions.

We have a full line of products that use our Vertical Air Pressure Technology; we’re not a one-dimensional, one product company looking for a fast dollar. This is something we’ve been committed to for a very long time and we plan on continuing to help those with neck and back problems by constantly striving to improve our products and services.