Seating Products

Seating Products

The wheelchair is not the only important decision one has to make. Choosing appropriate seating for a wheelchair can make all the difference for an individual. Cushions and backrests are two important components for all wheelchair users to maintain healthy skin and the stability needed to drive their power chair, propel their manual chair and perform daily activities. Seating products can aid in stabilizing the wheelchair user. Specialty seating ranges from basic foam cushions to highly specialized cushions and backs to help promote healthy skin, while providing improved mobility, balance and control. Many seating products have built-in and or optional components to aid in this needed postural control.

Pressure relief is an important issue for many wheelchair users. People who don't have feeling in areas where pressure exists, who can't weight shift or are incontinent are at risk for pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are areas where blood flow is restricted due to a combination of pressure, heat and moisture may cause the tissue to die. Untreated, a pressure ulcers will grow in size and become a serious health issue. At Handi Medical we have trained certified rehab professionals (ATP/SMS/CRTS) who can perform pressure mapping for you or a client on different types of cushions or backs to help determine the appropriate pressure relieving cushion or back while maintaining the stability needed in their wheelchair. Handi Medical also works closely with many rehab centers in the area for customized seating.

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