Sam Sport

What is sam® Sport?

Sam Sport

sam® Sport is an FDA-cleared bio-regenerative medical device that reduces the pain associated with tendon, ligament or muscle injuries and also accelerates the natural healing cascade.

sam® Sport provides ultrasonic waves that penetrate 5 cm into the tissue. This increases circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, from the site of a musculoskeletal injury.

Who is Affected?

Among athletes, tendon and muscle injuries account for 40%-60% of sports-related injuries.

When tendons – the thick cords that join muscle to bone – are injured, irritation and inflammation of the tendon may result causing tendinitis or tendinosis. These conditions most often occur in the shoulder, elbow, heel or wrist. Among athletes, these injuries are commonly referred to as swimmer’s shoulder, golfer’s or tennis elbow, jumper’s or runner’s knee, and pitcher’s shoulder. Because tendons are subject to chronic overuse and are often re-injured, inflammation and degeneration can be persistent and recovery delayed.

Sam Sport

How Does It Work?

sam® Sport stimulates the body’s natural repair process through the sustained delivery of low intensity acoustic waves. Watch this video to learn more about how sam® Sport delivers sustained action for faster recovery.

Typical Applications

sam® Sport can be used to treat injured sites throughout the body including elbow, Achilles, patella, shoulder and bicep tendons, as well as trapezius, hamstring, and quadriceps muscles.

sam® Sport is a prescription device covered by most professional sports and collegiate insurance companies indicated for the treatment of select medical conditions such as the relief of pain, the relief of muscle spasm, the treatment of joint contractures, and the increase of local circulation. It is most commonly prescribed for tendinopathies, muscle strain, spasms and bruises, shoulder injuries and osteoarthritis pain of the knee. sam® Sport can deliver Sustained Acoustic Medicine with one or two applicators.

Sam Sport Applications
Sam Sport Benefits

Benefits of sam® Sport

  • Reduces Pain
  • Enhances tissue recovery
  • Provides deep heating
  • Delivers mechanical compression
  • Increases deep circulation
  • Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Provides daily, multi-hour therapy
  • Wearable and portable

Forget what you know about ultrasound! Unlike traditional, in-office ultrasound and other treatment modalities, sam® Sport delivers Sustained Acoustic Medicine – a self-applied, multi-hour bioregenerative therapy that can be used daily.



Contraindications for the use of sam® Sport include over an area of the body where a malignancy is known to be present, over the eyes, over or near growth centers until bone growth is complete, over the reproductive organs, over the pregnant uterus, over a healing bone fracture, on the thoracic area if the patient is using a cardiac pacemaker, over an active implanted medical device such as an implanted deep brain stimulation device, on the brain, spinal cord, or large subcutaneous peripheral nerves, ischemic tissues in individuals with vascular disease where the blood supply would be unable to follow the increase in metabolic demand and tissue necrosis might result.

  • If the treatment is reported as painful or too hot at any point during treatment, turn off device and remove the device from the skin.
  • Instruct the patient to inform the practitioner if the patient feels any pain or burning during treatment.
  • Instruct the patient how to turn off the sam® Sport device and remove the sam® Sport applicator if the patient feels any pain or burning during treatment.
  • If the Lock Switch is in the locked position it must be placed in the unlocked position to disable the power. Locking the treatment settings is optional and not required for treatment.
  • ALWAYS administer treatment using a new sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patch. Use one sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patch per applicator. Use of the sam® Sport ultrasound applicator without a new sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patch MAY RESULT IN BURN and/or REPEATED SHUTOFF of the sam® Sport applicator.
  • sam® Sport should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • DO NOT apply the sam® Sport applicator with alternative coupling media as a replacement for the sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patch. Use of alternative coupling media in lieu of the sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patches may reduce the effectiveness of treatment, lead to automatic shutoff of the applicator, or cause a burn.
  • DO NOT administer treatment if the applicator is not connected to a sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patch.
  • Applicators and sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patches are not sterile. DO NOT apply this device over an open wound or inflamed skin.
  • Do not use the sam® Sport ultrasound coupling patches if the sam® Sport ultrasound media is dried out. Indications of a dried out patch include: the cup is not full of gel, there is dry residue or film in the cup, or there is any cut, break, or opening in the bandage or seals.
  • DO NOT apply directly over a bone that is near the skin surface.

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