Power Assist Wheelchairs


Power Assist Wheels are designed to help individuals who are having difficulty with everyday mobility in their manual wheelchair but aren’t ready to use a power wheelchair. Power assist is effectively a manual wheelchair accessory which includes motorized rear wheels and a battery operated unit mounted to the back or underside of a manual wheelchair. The motorized rear wheels increase the force you apply to the hand rim by up to four times, increasing your range of mobility and reducing energy expenditure. Another benefit of power assist wheels is that the electronically synchronized rear wheel units continually communicate with each other and adjust their speeds to allow for smooth, straight propulsion. This will compensate for those who may have one arm stronger than another.

Our certified professional rehab staff (NRRTS/RESNA) at Handi Medical will work with you, a therapist and vendors to provide a demonstration of power assist wheels to ensure the product provides the necessary mobility and function needed for the optimal results.


  • When activated, Power Assist Wheels may increase the user’s activity level and independence in daily activities
  • The battery-operated motors attached to the wheelchair make it easier to self-propel over difficult terrain including: carpets, gravel, grass, curb cuts and ramps
  • Use of Power Assist Wheels can help the user to conserve energy and propel the wheelchair faster for longer distances with less physical effort
  • Power Assist Wheels can reduce the risk of injury to the user’s arms because it requires less force to propel and reduces the number of pushes needed to go the same distance in a manual wheelchair


  • Power Assist Wheels are heavy and may add 20-50 pounds to the weight of the wheelchair
  • The added weight makes it more difficult to independently lift and stow the wheelchair in a vehicle
  • Propulsion is actually more difficult when the system is turned off or if the battery is not charged
  • Power Assist Wheels may increase the width of a manual wheelchair; depending on the home environment it may be difficult to maneuver through hallways and doorways

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