Motorized Scooters

Motorized Scooters

Scooters also known as Power Operated Vehicles (POV) are a battery powered mobility device intended for those individuals who are unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair and who have impaired ambulation. Scooters are designed for individuals of all sizes who can maintain upright balance and sitting posture while using their hands and fingers to control the tiller. Scooters are designed with either three wheels or four wheels. Our professional rehab staff (NRRTS/RESNA) at Handi Medical will work with you, a therapist and the vendors listed below to provide a trial and assist you throughout the process to ensure the product provides the optimal therapeutic benefits.


  • Scooters are battery-powered devices that operate by pressing hand throttles and are steered by controlling the steering mechanism
  • Many scooters (not all) can be disassembled for stowing in a vehicle
  • Scooters allow the user to travel longer distances independently


  • The length of some types of scooters can make it difficult to drive and turn around in small spaces
  • Scooters offers no seating options and cannot be modified to provide additional support if physical conditions change
  • Scooters can be unstable when making turns depending on the speed you are going and the surfaces over which you are driving
  • Scooters can be difficult to disassemble and stow in a vehicle; a ramp may be needed to get it into a vehicle
  • If the home environment is inaccessible with steps and narrow halls or doorways the user might be unable to move around independently with the scooter

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