Gait Trainers

Gait Trainers

Gait trainers are designed for individuals who do not have functional walking skills or postural control to safely and independently use a standard walker. Most gait trainer’s offer varied levels of support and accessories that are designed to be modular. They can be removed or added according to the individual user’s needs and abilities. The posterior and anterior models are offered in various sizes from toddlers to adults. Our certified professional rehab staff will work with you, your care team, and vendors to allow you to test the product and to ensure your new Gait Trainer provides the support and stability necessary for the optimal therapeutic benefit.


  • Encouraging early cognitive and learning development
  • Cardiopulmonary strengthening and conditioning
  • Reducing flexion contractures
  • Increasing spatial awareness and head control to achieve independent ambulation
  • Teaching individuals to take steps
  • Better bowel and bladder functions

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